View Full Version : Question about caching / syncing

22 Sep 2010, 6:50 AM

I'm working on ipad app. And what I actually want to do is loading content (text + images) from for example a JSON file. When there's no internet available it should be still possible to run the app. The content should be cached.
When I make changed in the content via de ipad app, it should be stored. As soon as there's internet connection the content should be synced online.

1. What's the best way to archieve this? - Caching the json via the manifest file? / Storing content in a local database?
Then how can I detect when there's a connection?

2. I noticed that the Kitchen Sink app is not working offline.
Is this because of loading the Google Maps Api?
I want to load data from the LinkedIn Api (after a click event). Is it still possible to load the api in the head of my index.html - or should I load it as a handler?