View Full Version : 3D graphs in ExtJS?

Joe Kuan
23 Sep 2010, 4:01 AM
I am very impressed with the overall capability in Ext-JS and I am leading on a project to revitalise the front-end look for our commercial products.

There are few other toolkits I am considering such as Dojo and YUI. One of my major considerations is the graphing ability, much preferable if the toolkit can plot nice looking 3D bar & pie charts.

Does Ext-Js has the 3D graphs feature (which I can't find in the demo)? If not, is in the plan for the future release? Or is there any way I can use Ext-Js to combine any 3rd-party graphing toolkit?

Many thanks in advance

23 Sep 2010, 4:12 AM
Unfortunately not. You can use any third party toolkit to render 3d graphs on screen.

23 Sep 2010, 4:43 AM
Not a native function of the ExtJs Library this little addon that allows for the use of Fusion Charts as a panel inside ExtJs. It has the ability to show 3D charts.