View Full Version : Automatic iframe reloading on portlet action

24 Sep 2010, 7:24 AM

I'm using gwt frames linked to external pages inside portlets.
The thing is that each action on the portlet (minimize, maximize, drag and drop etc.) make the frame reload his content which is crippling my application.

Is it a standard behaviour for portlets ? If yes, how to override it ?

To be thorough, i use a workaround to simulate onLoad events on these iframes in order to make them work with IE. Could it be a problem ?


27 Sep 2010, 1:12 AM
it seems that this is a standard behaviour for the portlet.
i used the method setUrl() as well as adding the iframe inside the body of the portlet. The results are the same.
Nobody has a hint on this ?


27 Sep 2010, 6:08 AM
Ok so after a little digging, my problem seems to be firefox related.
When using the css property "display:none" to hide or to drag and drop, firefox automatically reload the iframe.
Is there a way is to use the visibility property instead to hide or show the portlet content ?

i already tried the method portlet.getbody().setVisibilityMode() but it doesn't work.