View Full Version : DataStore Event Listeners in Ext Designer

28 Sep 2010, 9:04 AM
I've seen several examples of adding a "click" event listener to MyGrid.js (which extends MyGrid.ui.js), but no examples of adding events to the associated DataStore. How is this accomplished using Ext Designer?

When I export my project, I see MyGrid.js, MyGrid.ui.js & MyStore.js. In terms of maintainability, only MyGrid.js should be edited. How can I add a "load" listener to MyStore?


1 Oct 2010, 2:40 PM
I'm not a javascript or Ext expert but I think you can create a store-events.js and inside extend the store class like in standard exported file myclass.js extend myclass-ui.js

Put it, in loading order, after the "-ui.js" file