View Full Version : [CLOSED] Error LockingGridView and ColumnHeaderGroup Plugins

3 Oct 2010, 2:26 AM
Anyone, please help me…
I used Ext plugins “Ext.ux.grid.LockingGridView” and “Ext.ux.grid.ColumnHeaderGroup”, then I have error bellow:

this.innerHd.firstChild.firstChild.style is undefined
anonymous()LockingG...idView.js (line 704)

this.innerHd.firstChild.firstChild.style.height = 'auto';\n

anyone know, what it’s mean? Any solutions?


4 Oct 2010, 4:29 AM
The ColumnHeaderGroup plugin isn't supported for LockingGridView.

I created LockingColumnHeaderGroup and LockingGridSummary summary plugins to work with LockingGridView (but I'm asking a small fee for them).

Send me a private message if you are interested.