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7 Oct 2010, 3:49 AM
I'm really temped to start using the Designer. I really like how the export file generated seperate the UI component from the business and tie them together.

However, from what I could understand from the presentation, you can only export to a specific folder ? In a big project where namespaces are used and files / directory structure this wouldn't really work if you have to move your files around each time you export a new file.

There should be a way to include namespace and some export logic into folders based on namespace ? :-?

Also, (since there is no roadmap) are there plans to support ux and other plugins /extension ?

7 Oct 2010, 9:36 AM
Hi Christiand,

First of all, thanks for attending the webinar yesterday.

That is correct, currently export puts the files into a unified folder. We have actually had a feature request similar in nature to yours. We would like to be flexible with how the files incorporate into any project, so we are planning accordingly.

And the answer is "yes", there are plans to allow importation of UX and plugins into the Designer for first-class use. I can hint that it will require programming a "plugin" or a "contract" if you will for the Designer, so that the Designer can understand how the UX works, what configuration options are available for it, etc.

Thanks again!

7 Oct 2010, 9:44 AM
This is great news! Thank you :D