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10 Oct 2010, 1:33 PM
Hi guys this is my first post.

I am currently wanting to build an iPad application I have no XCode experience. The demos provided on this site look very promising! I have downloaded the latest release and just need to know where to go now. I use dreamweaver CS5 to code and am fluent in PHP, ASP, HTML, and CSS. my app will eventually be a native app that will need to connect to a MySQL database. (I plan on using www.phonegap.com to convert?)

1st question is: is the possible?
2nd question is: how do I start, do I just change a sample or what?
3rd question is: what type of things should I expect to go wrong when using phone gap?

Sorry for the dumb questions, I just need some guidance!

11 Oct 2010, 3:16 PM
Don't take this the wrong way, but DreamWeaver is a horrible choice for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript development. I know because I used it and when I migrated to a real IDE, I came to understand that DreamWeaver is nothing more than a colorized text editor that has some "preview" and FTP support.

You can use PhoneGap, but it's not "converting" anything.

You should consider learning JavaScript, as to implement SenchaTouch, you will really need to know JavaScript from the inside out.

Btw, there are no "dumb questions", only dumb people. Those are the ones who do not ask :).