View Full Version : How to insert blank spaces before text in select field of a form (Touch 0.96)

12 Oct 2010, 10:41 AM
Hello all,
I'm trying to insert blank spaces before the text when showing the user the options in a select field in a form. For example, when the user touches the select field, the drop down list should look like this:
first option: "nospaces"
second option: " onespace"
third option: " twospace"

To achieve this, I've inserted   into the code like following:

xtype: 'select',
name: 'sampleName',
label: 'sampleLabel',
options: [
{ value:'1' , text: 'nospaces'},
{ value:'2' , text: ' onespace'},
{ value:'3' , text: '  twospace'},

So when the user selects the second option, the select field should be populated with " onespace" rather than " onespace". This approach worked in Sencha Touch 0.93, but in 0.96 it displays the complete text " onespace".

Any ideas on how to solve this???