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13 Oct 2010, 3:40 AM
Hi Experts,
my app inside IE throws some warning concerning unsafe links.

All used links are relative to used uri (https://....) ex. src = '/.../s.gif).

For this reason i also use
Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL = Ext.SSL_SECURE_URL = '/resources/images/s.gif';

Are there any Ext Components that need addtional settings
(i know that iframes under IE need valid https src).

What is the best way to find out, which uri is the troublemaker?

Best wishes,

13 Oct 2010, 3:46 AM
1. You shouldn't have to change Ext.SSL_SECURE_URL (the default value should already work).

2. If you are using charts then you also need to change Ext.chart.Chart.CHART_URL.

3. Don't use the 'icon' config option in buttons. You will have to use 'iconCls' instead.

13 Oct 2010, 4:57 AM
Hi Condor,
thanks for the fast reply.

I removed Ext.SSL_SECURE_URL from my config and also investigated IE with HTTPwatch,
but there is no url inside that uses http?!?

The problem is inside an IE BUG!
At the end of component lifetime, the destroy will be called inside IE.
IE has a bug removing elements that have a CSS with a background-image.
In this case, the mixed content warning is raised.

Nice bug... ;-(

Thanks for the help.

Best wishes,