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16 Oct 2010, 1:13 PM

I have just seen the new Sencha videos by Andrew Neil on Vimeo and they are superb.

I would urge you to get Andrew to make many more of these.
API documentation is all well and good but to see the code and its results explained so eloquently is far better.


17 Oct 2010, 8:37 PM
Yep, I like those intro videos :)

30 Nov 2010, 1:12 PM
I too thought those XTemplate videos were fantastic! I took what I learned and tried to apply it to a template that I had built. I ran into problems though.

I have a page that has a VERY large template with lots of HTML and template tags in it. I tried putting the template content into a textarea tag and it blew up! I found that I had a textarea tag within my template and figured that the close textarea tag in the template was being interpreted by the browser engine as the end of the template and whatever was remaining after that was being interpreted by the browser as regular HTML and totally failing (unmatched tags, <tpl> tags, etc.). I keep getting errors saying that a colon : was expected on line such and such. I tried removing the textarea tag from the template and it still gets colon errors along with an error in the Ext core debug file (I'm assuming that it is in the code trying to interpret the template).

The template worked fine when it was passed in to the XTemplate constructor as a series of strings. I also had many cases of Javascript strings in the template that had to have the single quote delimiters quoted with a backslash when it was passed as a series of strings. I didn't know if I still needed to have them quoted when within a textarea (I tried it both ways and it didn't make any difference). I made sure that I removed all the leading and trailing single quotes on each line.

I am using ExtJS 3.2.1.

If anyone could point me in a general direction of things to look for, I would appreciate it!

Along the same line, an XTemplate example that is a bit more complicated would be very helpful. One that includes more HTML tags and possibly a little JavaScript within the template would be helpful. I have found that when you start building more complicated templates there are a bunch of gotchas that I came across only by making the mistakes. There were no examples or guidelines out there that could have documented things to watch out for or avoid.

--Stewart McGuire