View Full Version : css-trouble: x-layout-collapsed x-layout-collapsed-west x-layout-collapsed-over

16 Aug 2007, 7:58 AM
hi together,

i am experiencing some trouble with my border-layout css.

i would like to use different css for

x-layout-collapsed x-layout-collapsed-east x-layout-collapsed-over
x-layout-collapsed x-layout-collapsed-west x-layout-collapsed-over

in other themes, they were adressed with:


which works nice. i have not worked that much with complex css-structures, so i am not used to the notation of "sub-classes". in the css-files i found notations like:

.x-layout-collapsed-west .x-layout-collapsed-over

but this did not work. i tried every notation for about one hour now that i could imagine, but there was no more hover effect at all when not using only .x-layout-collapsed-over.

so my general question: do i have a chance to access these classes with the current css-options or do i have to create own classes, in this case


thanks a lot, this is driving me mad =)

16 Aug 2007, 8:29 AM
in case, this can not be solved with the existing css,
i build the "workaround" in js:

var collapsedWest = layout.getRegion('west').collapsedEl;

but please let me know, if there is a direct way!

kind regards, tobiu