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19 Oct 2010, 11:48 PM
HI all
I am new to this type of applications and forum too .i am developing an application in java-script and you can see that type of application in the URL http://www.urbanspoon.com/spin-widget.Fo that application i have done all the coding but i struck ed while doing for the spin button in that application.kindly help me in that aspect.
at my level best i have done the following but it is not getting executed.here is the code

Array.prototype.shuffle = shuffle;

function shuffle()

var tempSlot;

var randomNumber;

for(var i =0; i != this.length; i++)

randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * this.length);

tempSlot = this[i];

this[i] = this[randomNumber];

this[randomNumber] = tempSlot;



i have written the shuffle function and i used that function in the index file as shown below

function autoSpin()
var shuffleresults= myArray.join("br<>");
document.getElementById("shake").innerHTML = shuffleresults;

//var Date.monthNames = new Array('Active','Passive','Bargain','Vegas','Value');


var shuffleresults= Date.monthNames.join("br<>");
var len = shuffleresults.rows.length, i;
if(shuffleresults.rows.length > 0) {

Date.monthNames[0] = shuffleresults.rows.item[0].Date.monthNames[0];
Date.monthNames[1] = shuffleresults.rows.item[1].Date.monthNames[1];
Date.monthNames[2] = shuffleresults.rows.item[2].Date.monthNames[2];
Date.monthNames[3] = shuffleresults.rows.item[3].Date.monthNames[3];
Date.monthNames[4] = shuffleresults.rows.item[4].Date.monthNames[4];

//spinnerId = shuffleresults.rows.item[0].spinnerId;

document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[0]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[0];
document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[1]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[1];
document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[2]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[2];
document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[3]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[3];
document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[4]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[4];

//var Date.dayNames=new Array('LEAPS','Earnings','Economic','Weekly','Daily');

var shuffleresults1= Date.dayNames.join("<br>");
var len = shuffleresults1.columns.length, i;
if(shuffleresults1.columns.length > 0) {

Date.dayNames[0] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[0].Date.dayNames[0];
Date.dayNames[1] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[1].Date.dayNames[1];
Date.dayNames[2] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[2].Date.dayNames[2];
Date.dayNames[3] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[3].Date.dayNames[3];
Date.dayNames[4] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[4].Date.dayNames[4];
//spinnerId = shuffleresults1.columns.item[0].spinnerId;

document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[0]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[0];
document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[1]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[1];
document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[2]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[2];
document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[3]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[3];
document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[4]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[4];

//var Date.yearNames=new Array('2$','1$','50 cents','25 cents','5 cents');

var shuffleresults2= Date.yearNames.join("<br>");
var len = shuffleresults2.columns.length, i;
if(shuffleresults2.columns.length > 0) {

Date.yearNames[0] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[0].Date.yearNames[0];
Date.yearNames[1] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[1].Date.yearNames[1];
Date.yearNames[2] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[2].Date.yearNames[2];
Date.yearNames[3] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[3].Date.yearNames[3];
Date.yearNames[4] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[4].Date.yearNames[4];

//spinnerId = shuffleresults2.rows.item[0].spinnerId;

document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[0]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[0];
document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[1]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[1];
document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[2]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[2];
document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[3]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[3];
document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[4]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[4];


here the function autoSpin is given as on-click event for the spin button in the application and the arrays are Date.monthNames, Date.dayNames, Date.yearNames.
please find errors if any and correct them
Thanks in advance....

20 Oct 2010, 12:01 AM
Start by running your code through jslint.com to fix all the errors.

document.getElementById == Ext.getDom

'br<>' should probably be '<br />'

20 Oct 2010, 5:59 AM
<3 @Condor

i would love to see what nige would write here ;)

21 Oct 2010, 1:51 AM
Thanks for the help sir but i didn't got the output.I was about to ask you if you have any such kind of applications or related code snippets for the shake button shown in the below image please provide me .I don't know whether the code written above is right or wrong i just tried myself and i thought it as right.

10 Nov 2010, 12:59 AM
Hi friends
Iam working on spinner applications,iam new for this ,in that we have one requrement i.e whenever we click on shake button the contents can scroll dynamically,can you help me