View Full Version : Is there a correct/official way to resize buttons in toolbars?

20 Oct 2010, 9:47 AM
I need to be able to use smaller icons/buttons in my toolbars... There are many reasons for this but the biggest is that a docked toolbar just takes up to much screen real estate on phones. Yes, they look great but they are about 10px to tall for me. That said, I have made my buttons and the icons in them smaller without much effort, but now all my showBy's are still being positioned based on the button being it's original intended size and position. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is how I resized them:

.x-button {
height: 1.1em !important;

.x-button .x-icon-mask {
-webkit-mask-size: 1em 1em !important;
height: 1em !important;
width: 1em !important;
margin-top: -0.5em;