View Full Version : Video bug after orientation changes

23 Oct 2010, 5:13 AM

I'm using Sencha for almost 3 days and I must say that the capabilities are hudge! I've just done in a couple of days a little application with nestedlist and complex "DetailCard" and everything goes well... except... ;)

In a NestedList, you have to define the getDetailCard() function to return a component. So I return and Ext.TabPanel which has 3 Ext.Panels. In one of them, I do a :

var videoPanel = MyTabPanelObject.getComponent(0);
xtype: 'video',
url: 'video.mp4',
width: 320,
height: 300

Ok, so the video appears, I can play it in fullscreen, and all is going the right way. But when I change the orientation of the mobile (here I have an iPod Touch 3g, with latest downloadable firmware from iTunes), the video bugs, stops, and then back to the tabpanel.

Is it a known problem? I know my iPod Touch is almost broken (it never turns off until the battery dies, and it takes 5min B) ), so it's maybe only on this crap that this bug appears :D

Normally when the orientation changes, the video can follow and doesn't stop?

Thanks for your comments!