View Full Version : [OPEN-504] <select> not working on Android

3 Nov 2010, 7:20 AM
The native <select> or the Select Components are not working on Android when using more than one per page.

The native <selects> render on Android, but they do not work. Android renders the them, but then assigns the functionality of the last <select> loaded on the DOM to the first <select> loaded on the DOM. All others then remain not functional.

I tried adding and skinning the Select Component, but that also failed to work. This is happening using the Carousel, so unsure of the Select Component is not working because of the Carousel bug.

Really looking for a solution here. Thanks!

3 Nov 2010, 9:58 AM
Thanks for the bug report.

3 Nov 2010, 1:08 PM
Let me know if you need any information. I'm actually working on an app that's due to be released by next week, so I am desperately looking for a fix or alternate solution.

4 Nov 2010, 7:28 AM
Just tested in 0.99, the problem still persists.