View Full Version : [OPEN-525] Ext.Msg.prompt multiline not working

7 Nov 2010, 8:33 AM
Change examples/kitchensink/src/demos/sheets_overlays.js as below

text: 'Prompt',
ui: 'round',
handler: function() {
Ext.Msg.prompt("Welcome!", "What's your first name?", Ext.emptyFn, null, true);

Then when in the "Overlays" test, click the "Prompt" button.

You cannot type into the text area. You can focus it - the iPhone keyboard appears - but it does not receive input.

Also, and this is a longstanding issue, vertically centered prompt boxes on a phone screen are pointless! They get budged up by the keyboard. The whole document gets budged up, and when you click "Done", and the keyboard disappears, the whole document stays budged up. (Blur needs to set the document scroll position to 0,0)

And horizontally centering a prompt window on a phone seems silly. Just a few pixels either side? Taking valuable input space away?

It needs to be 100% of the available width on a phone (Obviously, that might look silly on an iPad), and to slide in from the top like an ActionSheet

8 Nov 2010, 10:34 AM
Thanks for the bug report.