View Full Version : [FIXED] Back and forward keys destroy unsaved changes

9 Nov 2010, 12:34 AM
Designer version:

Win 7 x64 but most likely platform independent

I'm using it on a Lenovo Thinkpad with "History page back" and "History page forward" buttons physically on the keyboard. They are, not very conveniently at all, placed right around arrow keys, allowing user to accidentally hit them every so often.
Once I hit the back key, Ext Designer will show splash screen with no options on it.
When I click forward again, it will show the splash screen with recent projects on it. However, I've found no way getting back to my project and I end up loosing any unsaved progress.
If I reopen the project, Ext Designer will add extra set of menu items. Ctrl+s for saving will not function (perhaps other shortcuts as well)

Possible fix:
Perhaps manipulating history actions with Ext.History might do the trick?

I will post if you really need it, hopefully i've described it well

19 Dec 2010, 9:54 PM
This will no longer occur in 1.0.3, as navigation forward and backwards is explicitly disabled.