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J. Brisbin
21 Aug 2007, 6:18 AM
I tried searching for the phrase "text wrap in cells" here and the search feature kept telling me that the search string was too short!

At any rate, I have a "comments" column that I'd like to display and we use the Firefox browser embedded into our point-of-sale application, but the registers all run at 800x600 resolution. I can make the column wide enough to display the comments for normal desktop users, but I'd rather have it narrow enough to fit on the POS registers, which means I need the comments column in my grid to wrap.

Is this possible? I didn't see any references to text wrapping in cells in the docs, and, like I said, I couldn't search the forums for some reason.

21 Aug 2007, 6:36 AM
Search: text wrap

(Note: The search facility won't let you use words less than 3 chars.)

Here are a couple of posts I found: