View Full Version : LayoutDialog with css fixed

22 Aug 2007, 6:34 AM
I want to make a layout dialog with the css property : "position : fixed". Using this property the window stay at the same position of the screen while the user is scrolling the window. but I also want to allow the user to move or resize the dialog. Resizing works with a small bug but it doesn't matter, but moving the dialog only works if I didn't move the scrollbar... I really don't know where to hack extjs to make this works.

Any help is welcome

23 Aug 2007, 5:18 AM
I have modified the proxy style so it's fixed, i have changed constrainTo function of the ddproxy so it doesn't take in account the scroll anymore, and in endmouve I substract the scroll to the final position...

It's almost working but when I scroll down for more than a whole screen the dialog doesn't want to move at all. Any Idea ?