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29 Nov 2010, 2:58 AM
I have an overlay which shall have several lists as its child-items and some buttons to do some filtering. There shall also be a close-overlay-button. (The code below for reasons of simplicity only includes the overlay with a filter-button 'bFEventFilterToolbar_id')

Currently, when I tap the 'bFEventFilterToolbar_id'-button , the overlay disappears.
How can I prevent this behaviour?

bFEventFilter = new Ext.Panel({
xtype: 'panel',
hidden: true,
floating: true,
modal: true,
centered: false,
width: Ext.Viewport.getSize().width - 20,
height: '320',
xtype: 'toolbar',
id: 'bFEventFilterToolbar_id',
dock: 'top',
title: 'Event Filter',
ui: 'dark',
items: [{
xtype: 'selectfield',
name: 'options',
id: 'bFFilter_id',
activeItem: 1,
dock: 'top',
//disabled: true,
options: [
{text: 'Option 1', value: '1'},
{text: 'Option 2', value: '2'},
{text: 'Option 3', value: '3'}
listeners : {
change: function(myThis, myValue) {
console.log('change - START');
console.log('change - END');

29 Nov 2010, 3:26 AM
Solution: hideOnMaskTap: false

18 Dec 2010, 1:35 PM
Awesome. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks.

13 Apr 2011, 1:52 PM

20 Apr 2011, 7:02 AM
I've run into a problem where my overlay builds fine the first time around, but when I hit ok/cancel, or recall the overlay window, it docks to my parent tabpanel, rather than centered like the first time around.

Is there some type of limitation or issue involving multiple dockedItems objects?

//parent is a tabPanel...

var overlayPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
id: 'overlayPanel',
hideOnMaskTap: false,
floating: true,
modal: true,
centered: true,
width: 380,
height: 400,
styleHtmlContent: true,
scroll: 'vertical',
items: fieldSet,
dockedItems: [{
dock: 'top',
xtype: 'toolbar',
//title: 'Criteria'
items: [buttonOK,buttonCancel]


28 Apr 2011, 6:21 AM

The issue causing my problem was the fact that the overlayPanel had an 'id' property. Thankfully this wasn't necessary for what I was doing and, after I removed it, the problem went away.