View Full Version : Button bar that swaps in another button bar

1 Dec 2010, 1:37 PM
I've got a list that has a button bar under it with two buttons: an Add Item button (to quickly add items to the list), and an Edit List button, which will swap in a set of less-used buttons that act on the list as a whole, such as Delete All Items and Delete Selected Items. This second button bar will have a Done button that returns to the main button bar.


[Add Items] [Edit List>

...will slide off to the left to be replaced by...

<Done] [Clear Selected] [Clear All]

...which will slide back to the right to the main list.

It's kind of a pull-out menu, but it covers over the button that called it. (i.e. don;t need to see the [Edit List] button while my Edit List button bar is in use).

I'm trying to figure out which control is the best to use.