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1 Dec 2010, 5:11 PM
Hello Sencha developers.

Over the last few years we have been working with Todd Murdock, enhancing the QwikiOffice desktop environment as a social networking site called iBuddz.

Working with different groups (or channels), we have created a number of application modules showing the power of the improved desktop and how these applications can work together. Among these applications are: Artist Browser - an artist, music browser for searching and playing music with thousands of song selections, user created playlists, etc; Radio Browser - an online radio module allowing you to listen to thousands of radio stations online, user defined genres, etc; Channel Browser - presenting multiple levels of web pages both within iBuddz and externally; Friend Finder - an interactive online friend messaging service plus multiple posting service to your other social networks using Ping.fm; plus other modules such as: DJ Control Panel - for DJs; Feed Viewer - for RSS feeds including iBuddz's and your own; and others.

As Todd has been working as our lead software engineer, you can believe it's been coded extremely well plus you'll recognize similar functions as the QwikiOffice desktop for your personal profile, preferences, etc. but with iBuddz improvements.

iBuddz also supports multiple groups with their own desktop environments which is one of the most exciting aspects of it (ie: a group or 'Channel' for Music, one for 'Videos', 'Sports', 'Coke', whatever you can imagine). Each Channel can contain any number of applications and users can be assigned to one or many channels.

One recent improvement we've made, is with the rise of the mobile devices with Sencha touch, we've also created a mobile login that works with the desktop. The mobile applications work with the desktop applications, using the same user security, returning the same information you see in the desktop but in a simpler, lower bandwidth manner. Just like the desktop, you can log into any Channel that you've been approved for on the desktop and run any module that's available in that Channel.

Our first mobile application is the Mobile Artist Browser. It works with the playlists you create in the Artist Browser desktop version and lets you choose your songs to hear. It's an early version so of course it will have spit and polish later, but the exciting part is that it shows how you can log in from your mobile device, choose a Channel you've been approved to, have the channel return all the modules available in that Channel and let you run one of them. Plus right now, we're creating the first cut of the Mobile Radio Browser application as well and expect that to be ready in the next week.

We'll be upgrading to Sencha 4 when it's out so we've decided not to upgrade until then. Likewise, we'll upgrade Todd's base software once Sencha 4 is out in a big upgrade step.

What we're hoping now is for the Sencha developer community to try out both the desktop version and the mobile version and get some ideas of how to get developers to start creating desktop and mobile applications that can be placed in iBuddz Channels. Plus, of course, any ideas of how the interfaces can be improved, what you think, etc. will all be appreciated.

So please give it a try and let us know.

Right now, all new sign-ups have to be approved and assigned to an existing Channel so be assured that the process works and you'll get an automatic email as soon as you're assigned to a Channel by an administrator - most likely a couple of demo channels for now, so you can see the concept of channels have less / more / different applications in them, plus how multiple channels work.

We're excited by how this is working out as we've had many users already with the desktop version as we've been developing it. Now with the mobile version being added to, we're hoping to get some great Sencha coders give us their idea of modules that would make sense to have - and maybe give Todd a break as well.

Thanks again.

iBuddz Desktop - http://www.ibuddz.com

iBuddz Mobile - http://www.ibuddz.com/mobile/login.html - requires device such as iPod

8 Dec 2010, 9:42 PM
Opinions if you don't mind.

We've had a number of people testing the iBuddz desktop site and more recently, the Alpha version of the mobile site - in particular the first application that links with the desktop - Artist Browser. Radio Browser still needs an actual player for the radio for mobile but will come.

We're trying to decide which application from the desktop would make sense to be created for the mobile version - in particular, the Friend Finder module (instant messenger for people on the site) or the Ping.fm part of the application (allowing texts messages to be sent to your multiple social networks).

It'd be great if you could try them out and let us know which one would make sense on mobile-izing next.



17 Jan 2011, 6:35 PM
register user,but can't receive email

23 Jan 2011, 1:36 PM
We've just added the 'switch channels' function on the mobile device - and desktop too.

If you're in more than one channel (group), you can switch to your other channel (with other/more/less apps) in mobile by choosing the button on the top right (where you also log out from) and in desktop from the 'start' menu.