View Full Version : What's the deal with the Android emulator?

2 Dec 2010, 4:09 AM
I'm working with the Android emulator and Android image 2.2 (the latest). Have set it to detect orientation change events.

When I change the orientation (I'm barely using F3), the display turns, SOME ways to perform the event work, and some don't. For instance, the listeners-orientationchange does NOT work (I've put an alert there and nothing happens). Only if I fire a menu call, which shrinks the screen, and fire it.

The resizewindow event WORKS (because it throws an alert). I then change the parameters of my panels (the cls), call doComponentLayout(), call Ext.repaint()... and nothing happens. No display refresh, no change in background images or size.

All the panels involved either implement card layout, or vbox or hbox.

Can it be a problem with the Android emulator? Or is change based on orientation events so painful? I'm using 1.0RC

Any ideas?