View Full Version : Volume slider in iPhone not working - help!

4 Dec 2010, 9:32 AM
I'm trying to adjust the volume for a MP3 with a custom slider. This works well in Chrome browser, but on the iPhone it just won't change the volume.

This is the relevant part of my code:

volumeSlider = new Ext.form.Slider({
value: 0.98,
maxValue: 1,
increment: 0.02,
listeners: {

dragend: function(c){
mp3Player.media.dom.volume = volumeSlider.getValue();
console.log('dragend '+mp3Player.media.dom.volume);
drag: function(c){
mp3Player.media.dom.volume = volumeSlider.getValue();

mp3Player = new Ext.Audio({
url : http://3208.nyc2.soundclick.com/freemp3/beatkings+mywayftmarkabyshodown.mp3

Anybody knows what I'm doing wrong? Is there some other reference instead of mp3Player.media.dom.volume I should use?