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5 Dec 2010, 1:22 PM
Hi to everyone,

i see a strange problem with forms, i implemented a standard form login (user/pass)
and i stored values in localstorage (so the next time form is just filled)
but if i call setValues with passwordfield on Android i see the value in clear!! not with star

code is:

code is:

var login = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
cls: 'myForm',
xtype: 'fieldset',
defaults: {
required: false,
labelAlign: 'left'
items: [{
xtype: 'textfield',
name : 'user',
label: 'User',
id: 'user'
xtype: 'passwordfield',
name : 'pass',
label: 'Password'
xtype: 'checkboxfield',
name: 'save',
label: 'Remember'
, submit],
listeners: {
activate: function(){
if(localStorage.getItem('user') != null) this.setValues({user: localStorage.getItem('user'), pass: localStorage.getItem('pass')});

on desktop browser it's all ok
but with android's browser no..

Thank you


7 Jan 2011, 6:14 AM

i had the same problem. But got it now working on a Android browser.

instead of passwordfield if have tried a textfield with input type password and it worked. Password stars are now visible on the Android browser.

xtype: 'textfield',
inputType: 'password',
}I hope this will solve your problem.