View Full Version : ExtDesigner for ever ?!?!

5 Dec 2010, 2:55 PM
I have found something weird in the Trial Version of Designer....

First of all, I'm on Vista 32bit; a couple of months already, I downloaded the Trial version of Ext Designer...
installed it, registered it then try it a couple of days. (and BTW it's an awesome soft) Then I had a work to
do for my boss on an old client MDB and it wont open since i've set my PC date to 10-14-1999...so I did change
my PC date. Then 2 days after that going on again with Ext Designer and then, the normal Trial mode window
appears....and the program opens...and at the right bottom of it (where it normaly says someting
like : 9 days remaining in trial) nothing !! and since then I've been using the program !!! I don't know if it's an illegal
way to do it but for me it just happen this way....maybe it's a bug because with other Trial software it didn't work
at all ! So I presume it's a bug.

Sorry for bad image quality :">


30 Dec 2010, 6:28 PM
Looks like nobody seems interested in the fact that you can save 300$ by gently "hacking" de trial !!!
WOW !! Or maybe you are just to affraid too try it and send me your feedback !!