View Full Version : gridpanel is sortable, able to add columns, not draggable/resizable

6 Dec 2010, 1:57 PM
Okay, so basically I have a tab panel, holding another tab panel, that when the second tab panel option is chosen, it makes an ajax call to bring in a formpanel and a gridpanel (currently loaded statically). The columns are sortable, they are addable, but not resizable or drag-able. I know there are a lot of issues with how the panels are rendered/executed etc, so here are some of the key lines for this process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There is a div in my page to hold this grid, so after making the grid
then the ajax call takes what is returned from the page, all the ext JS code, and updates the tabpanel
menuAddressBook.update(ajaxRequest.responseText, true);
I keep getting errors like "Ext.EventObject is undefined" for ext-all.js in firebug

also, if I use the panel on its own page, directly, no ajax call, it is resizable and draggable, which is why I think it has something to do with the rendering/updating/ajax call.