View Full Version : Question regarding ext.ns behavior

Praveen Adivi
7 Dec 2010, 8:04 AM
Hi All, I am a newbie to extjs and I had a question regarding ext.ns's behavior. I have a js file where in I define a name space useing Ext.ns("Ext.ux.test"); and this js file is then added to the jsp and when I include another jsp into the current jsp using jsp:include I get a javascript error saying, "Ext.ux.test is undefined". So, I was wondering if any body could kindly tell me how to make sure that the namespace Ext.ux.test is not lost. Thank you in advance.

7 Dec 2010, 10:37 AM
Javascript runs on client, so you should look at the html/js that your browser finally gets, whether it's from one jsp/multiple jsps or whatever. Do "view source" on your page, or look in firebug as a starting point to debug.