View Full Version : Cache TreeStore data offline

7 Dec 2010, 8:41 AM
My Sencha Touch application that needs to cache its data offline. I am building up NestedLists from TreeStores successfully and am able to populate the TreeStores from JSON being produced by the backend system.

I have been trying to populate a TreeStore using a LocalStorageProxy, but the data never gets serialised to the store. I've come to the conclusion that the tree information won't play nice with the Key/Value nature of LocalStorage.

I'm now trying to build a TreeStore explicitly and populate it from a flat Store object, but am unable to create the Tree store.

How can I create an empty TreeStore to populate it?
Is there a more sensible approach to this problem?
Should I just use localStorage.create() and cache the downloaded JSON there?

Thanks for any input.


21 Dec 2010, 3:37 AM
I'm also very keen to hear a response to this. Branden did you work it out?