View Full Version : Posting to MVC method

13 Dec 2010, 6:59 PM
I have a large amount of data that I need to pass from a grid to a method. Query parameters are out of the question and the characters could easily overrun IE query string length.

My question is if I use either a Form or FormPanel, pass this data through either baseParam or params config settings on the form, is this sufficient to get the data into the system? I am passing said data as plain text for the time being.

Also, if I use either of the above controls, do I still need to add to add it to a container for the data to get past into the system? I was trying it earlier with out adding to a container, and kept getting el undefined errors. Is this due to it not being assigned to a container?

Is there a better way to get large amounts of data from a grid to the underlying code?

Thanks for your help.