View Full Version : How to disable columns after Roweditor is initialized

14 Dec 2010, 7:42 AM
i have a grid on which i want to edit my rows with the roweditor plugin.

if i add a row, all columns should be editable.
if i edit a row, one specific column should not be edited.

my first attempt was to set 'editable' in the column of my columnmodel in the grid to initially to false. if i add a row i set it to true, and the 'afteredit' and 'canceledit' events of the roweditor set it back to false. this did not work. :s

i tried also some suggestions from this forum, but it still does not work. :((

anyone able to help me? :)

17 Dec 2010, 3:22 AM

do you need more information to help me?

i'm really frustrated about this... :s