View Full Version : Question about data loading

20 Dec 2010, 11:53 AM
Before I forge ahead I'd like some architecture advices.

First question:
I have a list that loads another panel that has a list or products. I'm using the MVC pattern. My initial design was to load the data in the controller dynamically, then swap in the panel. But this makes the interface seem slow. Should I instead load the data after the transition to the new panel?

Second question:
In my second page I could have a list of product x, y, or z shown. Should I create separate stores dynamically for each of these so that I don't have to load each one from the server each time? Problem is I don't know how many stores I'd need and right now I'm using Ext.regStore and using setProxy each time to swap out data from the server. This seems wasteful.

Any suggestions?