View Full Version : [CLOSED] Weired "AutoZoom" Problem with Ext.Window in Chrome Browser

22 Dec 2010, 7:20 AM
Hi There,

I am facing a strange problem:

When opening an Ext.Window that contains a PDF-Document within an iFrame, Chrome instantly and automatically starts to minimize the whole page - as if pressing "STRG" + "-". It zooms down all the way to 10%. With IE and FF the same Window and Document can be opened without any problem.

I noticed this problem with Chrome 7 and 8. I donīt use the ManagediFrame-UX in my code.
See the attached Screenshots of what is happening - the first one taken immediately after opening the window, the second one just some seconds later.

Has anybody faced this problem before?
I did not find any information so far...
Any ideas?

Kind Regards



22 Dec 2010, 11:29 AM
I've tested it right now in Chrome 8@Mac and it behaves as you describe. (I've used one of my apps that displays pdf in an iframe.) It looks like a bug in Chrome, nevertheless, I'll move this thread to Bugs forum to notify the devel team. Maybe they have (can find) some easy workaround.

23 Dec 2010, 12:10 AM
Thanks Saki!

@Ext team - this is obviously not an Ext issue...
See: http://www.google.de/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=013522270381073d&hl=en