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22 Dec 2010, 10:41 PM
Hi ,

How can we show more than 5000 rows per page at a time in Grid ?

I having GXT pagingUI using Grid to load 100 rows per page. But i am not able to load 5000 rows per page? Browsers are becoming unresponsive mode.

Please help on this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
V. Santhosh kumar

23 Dec 2010, 12:59 AM
Do you use RPC for this?

Than the first bottleneck you will hit it parsing of the response, than rendering etc.

You should use either paging with a lower page count or LiveGridView.

23 Dec 2010, 2:33 AM
I am using RPC only with List of basemodels created at server side, sent back to client to fill the Grid. Here the requirement of showing grid without paging UI.

23 Dec 2010, 2:37 AM
Using RPC with that many items will get your browser hang the first time. The second time is due to how you use the Grid component. You should use LiveGridView for this.

23 Dec 2010, 2:49 AM
Thanks sven, I will check by using with LiveGridView