View Full Version : problem with horizontal layout in DataView

28 Dec 2010, 9:36 AM
Hi, I've got my Data View

var dataView = new Ext.DataView({
// overItemClass: 'x-view-over',
store: this.myStore,
tpl: this.myTemplate,
componentLayout: 'hbox',
autoHeight: true,
disableSelection: true,
itemSelector: 'div.button-wrap',
emptyText: 'Error Occured',
listeners: {
itemtap: function (dataView, index, node, e) {
var buttonId = node.childNodes[1].value;
App.Events.publish('chartSelected', buttonId);

I can't get horizontal alignment, unless i set componentLayout : 'hbox' but then I get exception about lacking afterRender method from sencha code. I'm confused cos in the example i found in the web there's horizontal layout. Can anyone give any hints?