View Full Version : Strategy Request: Overlay On List Item Tap

3 Jan 2011, 9:50 AM
I am trying to have a multiselect action choice on a list item tap. One approach could be to do a modal overlay with selection choices as buttons, the other could be do have the list be one item a card panel and have the list item take you to the next card by telling the parent to setActiveItem() from which the user would choose which action they prefer for the list item, kindof a nested list.

I would prefer to have the list just present an overlay panel, because making all the parent messaging and data flow for the parent card handler is quite involved, but I have had some problems with that approach. It seems when I try to show the overlay from within the list i get the error: TypeError: Cannot call method 'show' of null even though the the overlay is clearly in scope of this (the list).

Any recommendations or examples?

3 Jan 2011, 10:04 AM
Post the code...