View Full Version : GXT-based GXT Form Designer

4 Jan 2011, 12:14 PM
Hi Gang,

I'm looking for a Form designer/editor built in GWT/GXT that allows web users to build their own GXT forms and store the description of those forms in JSON or some other text format. Maybe something like this:

d = new GxtFormDesigner();
String jsonDescription = d.getFormDescription();

f = new GxtFormDisplay(jsonDescription);
... (user fills out form)
String jsonFormValues = f.getValues();

The form description JSON has to be flexible enough to generate:
1. Nested layouts, including tabs
2. Common Fields: TextField, DateField, TimeField, ComboBox<String>
3. ComboBox choices

The JSON form description format might look something like this:

{formId = 1, layout = {tab1 = {id = 1, label = "Tab #1", fields = {}}, tab2 = {id=2, label = "Tab #2"}}}

And the GxtFormDesigner would read it, display it, and allow you to edit it (WYSIWYG) style.
Then, the GxtFormDisplay can accept the json description, display the form, and allow the user to edit it. Then, getting values out of it would return a JSON values object or just a Map of values.

Anyone know of anything like that? If not, would anyone be interested in building an Open Source project that does this?