View Full Version : YUI/YUI-EXT helpers for PHP

16 Dec 2006, 5:39 AM

i made a couple of YUI/YUI-EXT helpers for PHP.

You can download the newest version (0.4 beta) at:

New in 0.4 beta:
- Helpers for treeview

So far i have implemented:
- yui_add_dragdrop_object
- yui_add_dragdrop_ajax_target
- yui_create_tabs_from_markup
- yui_tooltip
- yui_dialog
- yui_simpledialog
- yui_array_datasource
- yui_xhr_datasource
- yui_autocomplete
- yui_ajaxupdate
- yui_calendar
- yui_german_calendar
- yui_grid_array_datasource
- YUIGrid
- yui_make_resizable
- YUIMenu

Also included are a couple of examples with usage instructions, for further instructions look at the readme's and the source of yuihelpers.inc.php!

Please reply for suggestions and feedback!

Thank you!


17 Dec 2006, 12:14 AM
I'll check these out on Monday - If they're good I may have to give you my first born (he's about 20 months old, and has a tendency toward tantrums, so it's not a great trade).

I'm made a little PHP function for building YUI Grids stuff.