View Full Version : Layouts help

11 Jan 2011, 4:48 PM
Hi all,
I'm trying to build a layout as in the attached image.
All good with the border layout and everything but i'm not sure what is the best way to build the tab item content.
At the top I should have a fixed height / resizeable width area (in yellow) with a centered Title, a date picker and a button. When the tab/window is re sized this area should adjust the width to fill the available space.
At the bottom (green) it should be a grid, resizable width (so it will fill all the av. space) and with vertical scroll bar when needed.
I do have the tab item with a FitLayout but from there I've tried all kind of combinations w/o success. I mean if i add the table directly to the tab it works but once I try to add the top content the table disappears or doesn't resize anymore.
Could someone please suggest v. shortly what kind panels/layouts should i use here.
I'm new with GXT, I'm trying to see if we can move some stuff from SmartGWT to GXT but I'm stuck on something that may be really simple.