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12 Jan 2011, 9:00 AM

I've been able to hack together a quick and dirty Premier League Fantasy Football app at www.eplstat.com/Sencha/index.html thanks to the following:

1. Sencha GeoCongress Demo App
2. Sencha Twitter Demo App
3. RSSReader App posted to these forums

These examples have been incredibly beneficial, but I still have a ton of questions and issues.

1. IPhone - When I bookmark my application on the IPhone, why is the application so slow to load? When I navigate to the application via Safari the load time is much quicker than when the application is bookmarked.

2. Sencha-Touch.js - I've invested about 4 hours in building a new sencha-touch.js that is supposed to only use the classes that I want and hence be faster. Is there any easy to way to build a dependency hierarchy so my testing of this new sencha-touch.js is not trial and error? Today, my process is open up an instance of Araxis pointing to the new jsbuilder file and the original jsbuilder file. Remove a dependency. Invoke the jsbuilder.bat file. Deploy the sencha-touch.js. Test. There has to be a better way.

3. Sencha-Touch.css - Is there a similar tool to JSbuilder for sencha-touch.css?

Thanks for any responses.