View Full Version : Some of the PictOS images aren't working as masks...

14 Jan 2011, 8:43 AM
It doesn't really make sense as to why since the images themselves seem to have all the same settings as the images that do work.. I have tested with all 3 themes (sencha, apple and android) with the same results. I have also tried resaving the images with both paint.net and photoshop with no luck. The css I use is no different between the ones that do work and the ones that don't.. I am using ST 1.0.2.

/* these work */
.compose2 {-webkit-mask-box-image: url(sencha-touch/resources/themes/images/default/pictos/compose2.png)}
.at {-webkit-mask-box-image: url(sencha-touch/resources/themes/images/default/pictos/at.png)}

/* these don't work */
.locate {-webkit-mask-box-image: url(sencha-touch/resources/themes/images/default/pictos/locate.png)}
.user {-webkit-mask-box-image: url(sencha-touch/resources/themes/images/default/pictos/user.png)}
.team {-webkit-mask-box-image: url(sencha-touch/resources/themes/images/default/pictos/team.png)}

As always, any help is greatly appreciated!