View Full Version : Removing Sencha from a page?

14 Jan 2011, 8:48 AM
This may be a sort of off the wall question, but I am working on an application that uses a version check to see if it needs to update the javascript code or not. The idea is that the "page" that the code is housed on will never have to be reloaded, but if the sencha touch library or the client-specific code needs to be updated, it removes the old scripts and css files and replaces them with the new ones through the DOM. It works for the client-specific scripts, but when I try to remove the Sencha library and replace it, I'm getting a bunch of errors.

So my question becomes, is there a way to basically "stop" the Sencha Touch library from attempting to execute? My initial thought was to set the Ext variable like this Ext = {}; and then load in the new library, but that didn't work. Is there anything like an Ext.stop() function that stops Ext from executing on the page?