View Full Version : How Center & Middle Align a VIDEO Element on a Carousel Panel? And...Size?

15 Jan 2011, 11:51 AM

What is the best approach to vertically and horizontally center/middle an HTML5 VIDEO tag on a specific carousel's panel?

Once centered, what approach will work to size the video to (say) 85% of the available width (with vertical remaining proportional)?

Many thanks,

Plane Wryter

Editorial comment: Boy, I sure hope someone is working on a Learn Sencha Touch book similar to Shea Frederick & Steve Blades' Learning Ext JS 3.2. Absent a sound How to manual, this otherwise fine resource's use is very negatively impeded by the enormous--and enormously frustrating--time sink attributable to the lack of "approach" documentation. The API docs--while helpful--are reference materials useful for developers who already know what approach to take...for the rest of us--trying to learn the proper approach--other forms of documentation (and online training) are needed. The few videos are appreciated...their problem is they are far, far too few in number.

A plea to the Sencha Touch Product Manager: More docs and more videos; please!