View Full Version : Getting values of Active Carousel view ?

17 Jan 2011, 3:00 AM
Hi All,
I have a carousel view which contains images , when i tab on each images how can i get the html value?

i can get the tap event and in the tap event i can use this
this.getComponent('carousel').getActiveItem() which gives the active object.
then what can i do ?

code is below

items.push({html: '<img src="test.jpg" />'});
carouselView = new Ext.Carousel({
items: items,
layout: 'card',
itemId: 'carousel'

Any help would be appreciated

17 Jan 2011, 3:33 AM
Hi, sorry I don't undertand your request.
Could you provide more detailed informations about it?
Which html value you need to get and why you are trying to "items.push"?

17 Jan 2011, 9:46 PM
Hi andreacammarata,
I have some images those i get dynamically. So i did create an array called item and gives it to the carousel items .
Then i click on each carousel view i need to get which image i did click.

This is my requirement.

But now i solved this by putting an id to image tag
<img id="img0'" height="100%" width="100%" src="test.jpg"/>

Is there any other solution ?