View Full Version : Problem calling destroyRecord

17 Jan 2011, 7:06 PM
I have a grid whit a store ( jsonStore) with a proxy that is "httpproxy". The record are being read from the server by :
conn.url + conn.extraparams both of these buid the complete url to call. Something like this www.mydomain.com?op=op01&task=task01&tablename=table01 (http://www.mydomain.com?op=op01&task=task01&tablename=table01) and go on....

When I call a remove function on store this happends:
- delete the record from the grid
- call jsonWriter . destroyRecord function
- request to the server to only base url and callback (www.mydomain.com?_cb=123132123131 (http://www.mydomain.com?_cb=123132123131))
- call jsonStore . onDestroyRecords function whit the parameter success = false
- creates newly the record on the grid

I solved this problem by overriding the function ondestroyRecords and make it doti nothing... but i think that is not the best way...

Could anybody help me with this???