View Full Version : {SOLVED} combobox store lastOptions does not work with pager

18 Jan 2011, 1:43 AM


We are using a lot of grids and comboboxes on our form with paging.
One combobox is loaded with a list of official or unofficial data depending on a selection.
We are using a pageSize of 100 on the combobox and using the reload function to load the data if the user changes the value to official or unofficial.

this.comboOffData.store.reload({ params: { officialList: true, filter: '', start: 0, limit: 100} });
this.comboOffData.store.reload({ params: { officialList: false, filter: '', start: 0, limit: 100} });

But if the user clicks on the next button of the pager the store is loaded with default data and not using the lastOptions.
Firebug results:

Loading at startup

Changing value to unofficial

Clicking the next button of the pager

What can we do so that the pager is using the lastOptions that we set to reload the store?!


PS: We are using 3.1.1 of Ext JS