View Full Version : Forum moderation?

19 Jan 2011, 7:18 PM
Lately I keep running into something that eats my posts from time to time, telling me it's been queued to the moderator. I can't figure out what it is that decides some of my posts should get pulled aside and stuck in the jail. As far as I can tell, my code doesn't have any naughty words embedded in it. It's getting rather frustrating to try to help answer someone's question and have this obstacle thrown in front of me.

19 Jan 2011, 8:23 PM
Sorry, it's a necessary evil. If you can convince the spammers to stop doing their thing, we can shut off the filter.

I have yet to figure out the logic of when it decides to flag things.

19 Jan 2011, 8:26 PM
I'm just trying to figure out what's triggering it in my NON spam behavior, so I can try to avoid it. Or if there's something going wrong with said logic.

It happened last night and I just chalked it up to me answering a lot of questions in a short amount of time, or possibly to the word "hell" being in the message. But when it happened today, I had not been particularly active or had anything questionable in there that i could see.