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30 Jan 2011, 7:53 AM
Hi there!!
First of all thanks for reading this and answer it. You see...it is the first time i use Sencha Ext and I wonder if you know how can i code a 'Email Writing Form' where first of all it appears in a sencha window without open a new page. And the most important, while start writing an email on the 'To' input, it searches from an emails database, and where you can select one of the matched emails displayed bellow. And continue writing an new email for more than one email as the before mentioned steps.

In few words, to build an 'Email Writing Form' right as the Facebook one works. Is it possible to build it up by using Sencha??? Thanks a lot!!!

30 Jan 2011, 11:28 AM
have you tried something until now ? if yes, please post some code !
if you don't... i mean, asking for you first lines with sencha to be, anf form, with database related data, and with all the stuff as facebook... i think is a little too much ! why you don't start first by opening a simple window, the to try to construct a simple form with some input fields, then to add a simple management file on server side, then control the ajax callback function for user control feedback, then add some rich textarea to your form, then add an upload plugin, then add a dynamic comno for yopu input email adresses, and so on, and so on..
I don't know how it looks "an email form in facebook" but I am sure (at 90%, let keep a margin !) that of course this can be done in Ext.

p.s. the title of the forum is "Ext Help", not "Ext Free Training" :-)