View Full Version : list 'hiccup' on mouseup event

31 Jan 2011, 2:53 AM
Hi all,

I have a problem with a list of mine.
The list itself is a collection of items with an icon and some text I grab from a json somewhere else. It's all good, except when I start scrolling. If I do the scroll keeping my finger on the screen the list behaves normally, but if I give it a go, it will start the expected momentum animation but only after a 'hiccup': everything sticks for 0.5/1 sec and then start scrolling as it should.

I tried to find out what causes this, and with speedtracer on my pc seems like at the mouseup event there's a heavy "style recalculation" which takes up a lot of time. The 'jump' of the list is noticeable only on the phone (both a iPhone and a Desire HD).
This seems to get better reducing the number of item loaded from the json (say, from 60 to 20), although still noticeable.

Has anyone ever noticed this already, or can think of a solution? I tried google and these very forums, but couldn't find any useful information.

Thanks in advance!