View Full Version : Transition question, please just talk me through it

2 Feb 2011, 3:41 PM
Ok, I am new to ST and I am making our company's first mobile app. (I'm sure you've heard this story before)

The Main Menu is shown once you log in as a Disclosure List, then you select a menu item and I want to display a list of items that are retrieved from the DB. Simple, nothing hard here.

Here is my question, how do I transition from the leaf node on the list to a page showing my results?

Are these my options?
1) On menuItem select, call a controller on the server, return results then use some javascript to remove the current list from the DOM and then execute new code to display my results?

2) On menuItem select, set the location.href to go to a new page and then do my Ajax call to retrieve and display my list of results?

In option #2, is there a way to go back?

Am I over thinking this? I need a way to go from the Disclosure List to a full page (panel) and then back to the main menu. Typically with JSP you'd be using forwarding or whatever to get there but I am thinking that Sencha Touch is a whole new way of thinking and I just don't see it yet.

Just looking for a hint, thanks for your time!